Silverlake Vineyards

Silverlake Vineyards

Location : Na Jomtien Km 163, Sukhumvit Rd.

Silverlake VineyardsSilverlake Vineyard started in 2002, the first and only vineyard in the east of Thailand especially in Pattaya. The name of the vineyard derived from the silvery look of the grape farm under the sun that glittering above the large reservoir.

The area of the vineyard is more than1,200 rais or approximately 480 acres. The grapes planting here include grapes for wine maker and grapes for the fresh market.

How to get there :

The Farm is located at the Khao Chi Chan Village. From Bangkok / Suwanaphumi Airport - take the motor-way (Highway #7) heading towards Pattaya. Upon arriving Pattaya, turn left on Sukhumvit Road (Highway #3) heading south towards Sattahip and upon arriving Kilometer’s Marker 161, turn left and heading up the hill 5 Km., and enter the hilltop of Silverlake Vineyard.


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